Wes Jespersen


Wes is a self-driven, goal-focused professional with progressive success in a wide range of environments. An astute analyst, strategic thinker, and creative problem solver, he has been able to formulate best solutions based upon operational requirements to lower costs, improve bottom line profitability, and ensure high customer satisfaction, consistently exceeding high standards of excellence.

Wes focuses on building a successful company by being innovative, maintaining strong working relationships, and taking integral and genuine approach to all projects.

As a Penn State graduate, he has a strong sense of community, and looks to give back and be charitable, and make a strong impact.



David Smith


Born and raised in Atlanta, David Smith grew up actively keeping himself involved in community projects and helping lead support services.  Constantly moving throughout the city provided him a unique advantage by observing the distinct differences that determined the success or failure of a business.  By modeling the behaviors of those successful companies, David was able take advantage of opportunities with well-respected leaders and accomplish goals in a well-organized and competent manner.  As he continued his education at the University of Georgia, David and a longtime friend would manage entrepreneurial opportunities all while studying in-between.